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Guernsey celebrates 100 years of GMT

19. February 2009

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) came to Guernsey in 1909 nearly 30 years later than the UK.
Maybe that’s why we’ve always taken things at a beautiful, more leisurely pace?

Time has always been both important and unimportant to Guernsey.
Closer to the French coast than to the UK we have a somewhat continental approach to time with long lunches and beach picnics: the French sail their yachts over to St Peter Port for a leisurely seafood experience or a night or two.

Our speed limit is just 35 mph so there’s no roaring traffic racing to beat the clock and our ‘ruettes tranquilles’ are a network of pretty, country lanes where the speed limit is 10 mph and where horseriders, cyclists and pedestrians have priority over cars.

People who move to make Guernsey their home often cite the lack of time pressures, the relaxed pace of life and the fact that their children can play safely in the bluebell woods or on the beach – as their reasons for coming – and staying.

And while our history remains our key attraction and we’re a totally theme park-free zone we’ve moved with the times just as much as is needed. Some of our traditional hotels, themselves old Guernsey stone farmhouses have been refurbished with a chic contemporary twist.

We’ve fashionable restaurants serving great food (ask the French!), cool bars, fabulous beach cafés, yet stray from one of our 27 miles of cliff paths and you’ll equally find families enjoying Sunday lunch in a traditional country pub.
So, just 45 minutes from Gatwick (and 9 other airports), it’s time to come to Guernsey.
Whoever said “you can’t have it all” was clearly a clock watcher: we’re waiting for him…and for you.


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