Wellness and Niche

As part of the 2022 Visit Guernsey strategy, we have identified a number of niche markets that transcend our traditional audience segmentation, and connect through clear targeting opportunities.

By focusing on niches, we can be clearer with our targeting approaches, and work with partners to create more meaningful engagement and content that will create a clear connection between audience and niche activity / type.

This research document is intended to identify niche behaviour and consumer demand. Niches give us the opportunity to build interest across the year, in addition to main tourism offering.


    • Wellness (Outdoor Activities, Hiking, Wild Swimming, Paddleboarding)
    • Birdwatching (Wildlife Tourism)
    • Fishing
    • Weddings
    • LGBTQ+
    • Corporate Retreats

Full Wellness and Niche Audience Research 2022