2022 Joint Campaigns

During 2022, we have taken a collaborative approach to working with the carriers to ensure our campaigns go further to a relevant and engaged audience.

To date this year, we have been running the following joint marketing campaigns.


UK Radio Activity

  • April: Joint radio campaign in the UK around key airports (as below), to drive more bookings in the lead up to summer season. Ran for 4 weeks in total (2 wks from 18 April/2 wks from 18 May).
  • Gatwick/London circa 40% Budget (Smooth London, so from almost Milton Keynes in North, to Surrey in South, Reading to West and Southend to East)
  • Southampton 15% (inc Bournemouth, New Forest, Portsmouth areas)
  • Manchester 15%
  • Birmingham 10%
  • Exeter 10%
  • Bristol 10% (inc Bath)

UK Out Of Home (OOH) ads

  • Across 57 sites, regional to Aurigny’s catchments, in Waitrose and Tesco. The ads are 6 seconds long and we will be running 2 variations in rotation. Each panel will be personalised with the geographic location, using the nearest airport name in the sub-copy.
  • Watch the ads here:
    OOH Campaign - Lihou
    OOH Campaign - Marble Bay

Ireland Activity

Support and joint promotion (ongoing) of the new Dublin route:

  • Consumer • Dublin Airport advertising (in both terminals)
  • Dublin travel trade promotion
  • Radio campaigns on FM 104 & 98fm
  • Shopping centre advertising
  • Bus advertising
  • Digital and social advertising


  • End of March: Two separate group trips for Irish Tour Operators/Travel Agents and Press (Irish Independent; Irish Daily Mail; Irish Times; Sunday Independent; Irish Examiner; Irish Herald)
  • Travel agents booked on the first flight visiting for an educational
  • Dublin Trade Reach Out collaborative activities with Aurigny
  • Liaising with the Irish Travel Trade Network and the Irish Travel Agents Association
  • Sponsored and presented the Travel Agent of the year at the ITTN awards in December 2021

ITTN Content Schedule

  • Marketing campaign with ITTN which commenced on September 2021 and continued until April 2022
  • Supplier of the week 1 post daily in their newsletter “Today’s News” and 3 x social media posts – we featured in September, December and will be in March 22
  • Dedicated Newsletter to their database in October 21, January 22 and scheduled for April 22.
  • Trade competition on website to win a visit
  • Supplier of the Week - 13th September 2021
  • Supplier of the Week - 6th December 2021 
  • Awards

PR - Press Releases

  • Flight announcement release
  • Launch of new Walking app - we’re preparing this and will create a separate tailored release for Irish media with details of the launch flight – to issue next week
  • All relevant future press releases will be tailored for Irish / Northern Irish market with the route as the call to action

Condor Ferries

VisitGuernsey has been working closely with Condor Ferries on a number of joint campaigns during the course of 2022.

For a UK audience:

Two main joint campaigns to date for this year.

  • April/May campaign: Digital, TV, radio and digital video on demand (BVOD) – you can see the results of this here
  • June campaign: Digital, TV, radio and digital video on demand (BVOD).

The aim of this campaign is to:

  • Create destination interest (VisitGuernsey) and brand awareness (Condor Ferries)
  • Inspire potential customers to consider Guernsey as a holiday this summer
  • Generate interest now to benefit early summer and peak periods

The core region covers those in the regions up to 3 hour drive time, as well as expanding out into those regions that are 3 hours +, to targeted postcodes of people who match Condor’s previous customer demographics. 

For a French audience:

  • May/June campaign: radio campaign to support and promote the new Cherbourg Guernsey route.
  • The target: CSP+ customers with passport living in Normandy
  • Ferry offer 3 nights stay minimum : One way from 98€ car + 2 adults


Download Assets

Download the Joint Campaign assets here.


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