2022 Main Campaign

Campaign Assets & Itineraries

As we emerged in 2021 from a life dictated by COVID restrictions, we encouraged consumers to unpause their life, a campaign with the aim of resetting and re-presenting the island’s tourist offering for a post-pandemic holiday season with new relevance and creative energy.

We knew UK consumers were desperate to escape, to have experiences, to reconnect, to be somewhere different, free from restrictions, to feel normality and to be joyfully active once again.

And much of that sentiment remained as we moved into 2022.

Our campaign was designed to allow the Islands of Guernsey to shine, to stand out and grab attention. To attract a new audience and help them fall in love with our Islands.

The Islands of Guernsey offers a simpler holiday experience that consumers are now looking for, with a pattern of short bookings remaining strong.

We also know that we have what people are looking for. A recent survey of 2,000 UK adults placed walking in the countryside, boat trips, visiting historic buildings amongst their top 5 things to do on holiday. We can and will continue to play on this need, for a simpler holiday experience, one that Guernsey can credibly deliver on.

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