Guernsey Trade Workshop

We're delighted to confirm that the Guernsey Trade Workshop will be held this autumn, Wednesday 11 - Friday 13 October 2023. Providing fantastic opportunities for networking, business updates and contracting.

Bringing Industry Together

The workshop is for off-island tour operators, group organisers and carriers to meet with the Islands of Guernsey tourism industry to network, maintain business relationships and develop future opportunities. 

At the Workshop you will:

• Learn more about travel trade relations in Guernsey

• Network and develop business relationships with the trade

• Meet with relevant on-island and off-Island suppliers

Registration closed

Thank you to everyone who has registered to attend the Guernsey Trade Workshop.

Meeting scheduling available

The meeting functionality for the business day on 12th October at Peninsula Hotel is now available. Please login on the link below using your unique username (provided by the system). 

Once you login, you will have the opportunity to request meetings and create your own diary for the business day.  You can make meetings up until 29th September at 5pm.

VisitGuernsey Trade Workshop login

For more information or any questions, please contact Imogen Berryman

Please note registration for the event closed on 11th September.

Join us

Wednesday 11th October: Welcome Evening Reception at the Fermain Valley Hotel - 5.30pm  - 7.00pm

Thursday 12th October: Business day at the Peninsula Hotel 9.15am - 4.00pm. 

Dinner at the Puffin and Oyster from 6.30pm (dinner is for off-island delegates or invited guests only)

Friday 13th October: Familiarisation activities

Please note - the Visit Jersey trade workshop ''Destination Jersey' will take place from Monday 9th-11th October, find out more here.

Want to plan your travel and find somewhere to stay?

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