Press Releases & Coverage

Press Releases

Some of our organic (non-paid) off-island coverage is generated through press releases distributed to mainstream media. These highlight exciting opportunities and headlines that are picked up by various media including The Telegraph, BBC Travel, The Times, The Guardian, MSN, Daily Mail, Luxury Lifestyle Magazines and more.

August releases
Love Island - Romantic Inspiration for an Escape to the Original Love Island

July releases
Herm Events Release
The Autumn Walking Festival release
Risk Free No-Fly Guernsey Escapes release
A multi-client release on alternative festivals

June releases
• Channel Islands Pride
• Love Island - Love Island welcomes first ever contestant from Guernsey
• MCR No-Fly Escapes – Airport chaos? No problem
• MCR Cycling – cycling options ahead of the Tour de France including Guernsey

PR & Print Coverage

Quarterly PR and Print Coverage Overview