Journalists & PR Contacts

The best report is a first hand one based on real experience

We offer a programme of group, themed or individual press trips for journalists with a confirmed commission from an appropriate publication.  Each journalist opportunity will be evaluated by the media team and once confirmed, complimentary travel and accommodation for two nights will be provided for journalists from the UK market and three nights for European and international journalists. Tailor made itineraries and familiarisation visits and are provided, as appropriate, depending on the nature of the visit.

Support will also be considered for visiting broadcast media where the Islands of Guernsey are an integral part of the feature.

No amount of information on a website replaces the value of talking to us, contact us for the details of  Guernsey's PR representatives in our target markets and our media assessment form.

We look forward to hearing from you

Are you looking for key hooks, media stories or interested in visiting the Islands of Guernsey for an article?  Please get in touch! 


Jules Ugo - We Are Lotus
Email | +44 (0)207 953 7470

Brooke Kenyon - OrchardPR
Email | +44 (0)1481 251251

Scott Crouch - BPRC Public Relations
Email | +49 821 9078 0450

Valerie Kugler - Esperluette & Associes
Email |