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Collecting Important Data - Guernsey's accommodation sector

We need to understand how your occupancy is looking to be responsive and agile in our marketing to support you.

25 March 2022

As highlighted in our marketing strategy we have changed the way we are marketing, we are targeting the shoulder months more aggressively than has been done in previous years, we are being much more detailed in the audiences we are targeting and are increasingly using digital advertising.  Digital marketing means that we are able to be much more responsive and agile and support you by using our advertising spend to target times when your occupancy levels aren’t looking as good as they could be.

To enable us to do this we need to understand how your occupancy is looking. Some of you will have been completing Aries with your occupancy data but the data it gave us wasn’t as useful as we’d like for marketing purposes.  During the pandemic we began sending a forward booking survey but this was put together very quickly and we really needed to review it.

We have worked with Fiona Elliott, GHA member, self-catering owner and Tourism Taskforce representative to put together the survey which we sent to you this week.  By completing this survey it will give us the information we need to make sure our marketing is targeted where it needs to be.     

Recently, we also got in touch about information we need from you for our refreshed website and the 2022 brochure.

It’s really important that we receive this information, as it is a great shop window for your business, that is free of charge and we are really keen to show off the Islands of Guernsey at their absolute best.

Please return the information to Paul Belben. If you need help with any of the details that we have requested, please do get in touch.

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