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Extension of suspension of "Alternative Use" Condition for Visitor Accommodation

Planning use restrictions on alternative uses of visitor accommodation will now be suspended to March 31st 2021. This means that accommodation providers can continue to accommodate persons for reward other than visitors to the island, and for periods longer that would normally be the case.

02 October 2020

Please note that the specific details of what can be undertaken may differ for different accommodation types. The important points for accommodation providers to consider as a result of this provision include:

  • Non-visitors can be accommodated temporarily in visitor accommodation premises;.
  • Visitor accommodation premises where the use is switched to other purposes must be returned to their approved use at when this extraordinary provision ceases;
  • If you intend to accommodate any person for reward, irrespective of their status, you are required by Law to obtain a valid permit to do so, and a permit may be necessary to maintain your status e.g. Open Market Register, Liquor Licence, etc.
  • Standard Permit Conditions 3 & 4, relating to who may be accommodated in your premises, will be suspended for the period of this provision. Notwithstanding all persons must be accommodated legally;
  • Accommodation providers must maintain a register of all guests, in accordance with Condition 7 of their permit;
  • Accommodation providers should ensure that at all times they operate in line with the advice and provisions published by the States at

For the time being the annual grading programme is on hold, so all current accommodation ratings and awards will be carried forward, until such time as that programme can be re-instated.

Other useful links for accommodation businesses at this time:    and (for permit applicants)

Individuals seeking personal advice should refer to

Temporary Provisions for alternative uses of visitor accommodation premises until further notice:

  • Use for short term lettings for “staycations” is not an issue
  • In view of the particular exceptional circumstances of the current coronavirus outbreak, government is considering  exceptional measures to ensure business continuity in the visitor accommodation sector, the Development & Planning Authority is pleased to be able to help by agreeing to suspend, for a temporary period,  any potential enforcement action against holders of Boarding Permits where a change of use occurs, without prior planning permission, resulting from the provision of accommodation of people for a longer period, provided that they revert to their authorised use at the end of the suspension period.
  • The DPA has agreed that the period of suspension which came into effect from 1st April 2020 and will now last until 31st March 2021 unless the Authority decides it is necessary to review the dates given prevailing circumstances. This decision has been taken in the knowledge that all permit holders are required under the terms of their permits to keep, and if required provide to the Committee for Economic Development,  details of all persons being accommodated under that permit,  including the length of stay.
  • Potential use of visitor accommodation premises to support virus control measures by Public Health.
  • Accommodation providers taking advantage of this provision by accommodating non-visitors must register their intention to do so with Marketing & Tourism before commencing any such activity.

 If this advice is reviewed or liable to change we will strive to inform you at the earliest possible opportunity.

Please be advised that the Guernsey Information Centre will be closed until further notice – incoming calls will be re-directed.

If you have any questions about this particular communication, please call the Marketing & Tourism Quality Development Team on 01481 234567.


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