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From today we are delighted to start welcoming back some visitors to our glorious Islands with no restrictions.

01 July 2021

From today travellers who have received 2 doses of an MHRA approved vaccine (with the second dose received 14 days prior to travel) who have not travelled outside the Common Travel Area will be able to enter the Bailiwick with no self-isolation or testing requirements (Blue Channel travellers). Full details on travel requirements with effect from 1 July 2021 can be found here.

Blue Channel travellers will need to provide details of their COVID-19 Status (date, batch details and type of vaccine) before entering their journey on the Travel Tracker. Full details of the COVID-19 Status Certification (vaccine passports) can be found here.

Whilst travellers can complete their journey details in the Traveller Tracker 2 days before arrival in the Bailiwick, we are asking travellers who qualify for the ‘blue channel’ today and tomorrow to complete the Travel Tracker on their day of arrival as we settle into the new system.

Travellers will need to manually upload their vaccine information (type, date of dose 1 and 2 and batch number.) They will also need to upload a copy of official proof of their vaccination status (scan, photo or PDF) in order for the Travel Tracker to authenticate them as a ‘Blue Channel’ traveller. Information on accepted proof of vaccination in the Common Travel Area can be found here.

If ‘Blue Channel’ passengers have already registered their journey ahead of today they will automatically be charged for COVID-19 tests by the system. In such cases, travellers can register a new journey today and contact on their arrival in the Bailiwick to arrange a refund.

Traveller numbers with effect from 1 July are high and travellers are, therefore, strongly advised to complete the Travel Tracker AHEAD of their journey to the Bailiwick to reduce waiting times on arrival.

Travellers are also reminded that children aged 12 to 17 years inclusive are required to register their own personal Travel Tracker Account with effect from 1 July 2021. This is to ensure that they receive the necessary COVID-19 test on arrival and are scheduled for a test on day 7 and/or day 13.

The Travel Tracker can be accessed here.

Business Guidance

Businesses and their workforces will need to continue adapting as they have throughout the pandemic as we settle into our new normal. For Guernsey based businesses, we have created a live document, which will continue to be updated. You can view the guidance here.

If you have any specific business questions please email

Digital Toolkit

Useful digital resources are available to be downloaded by anyone in the Bailiwick free of charge. These have been produced to raise awareness of the coronavirus pandemic. Please help us to spread the facts, not fear. Download them here.

Table Turners

Information is being produced for all bedrooms featuring what to do should a visitor feel unwell whilst they are on holiday. These will be delivered to you in the coming weeks.

Guernsey Information Centre

The Guernsey Information is back open today on the following times:

9am - 3pm Weekdays
10am - 2pm Weekends

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us on

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