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Now recruiting: Tourism Management Board Members

Are you interested in moving our tourism industry forward?

20 January 2023

Hannah Beacom has been appointed as Chair to a new arm's length body - the Tourism Management Board. The Board will be tasked with bringing together Tourism stakeholders, both commercial and political, to develop and roll out a new Tourism Strategy for Guernsey. The Board and VisitGuernsey will work together to oversee Marketing, Product and Event strategies and plans, ensuring that they align with the Tourism Strategy for Guernsey.

Ms Beacom is now looking to appoint up to six industry experts to represent the broad interests within the industry, including the carriers, the off-island travel agents, the accommodation sector, event management, and transportation.

These roles provide an exciting opportunity to influence and shape the future vision and direction for the tourism industry in Guernsey, and to develop plans to deliver and implement that vision, working closely with the tourism industry, political stakeholders, and with officers within VisitGuernsey on the delivery and implementation of the new Tourism Strategy.

The first job of the newly formed Board will be to set the strategic direction, preparing a Tourism Strategy for approval by the Committee for Economic Development. The Strategy will set out the key priorities and aspirations for Guernsey as a tourism destination. This will include setting out the objectives and KPIs for the tourism industry, involving researching and understanding the views of tourism stakeholders, and listening to their input to encourage a shared purpose. The Board will need to understand and feed into other strategic workstreams including product development and existing marketing strategies.

The Board will be required to consider existing government policies and long-term objectives and will provide regular progress reports to the Committee for Economic Development.

Tourism Management Board member

The role

As a member of the Tourism Management Board, you will serve a maximum of two three-year terms. Board members will be appointed by the Chair.

Key responsibilities:

  • Supporting the Chair in setting out the key priorities and aspirations for Guernsey as a tourism destination
  • Playing a full and constructive part in the development and determination of the Tourism Strategy and overall objectives
  • Focusing on strategy, performance, and value creation

Relations with wider stakeholders:

  • Contributing to effective and appropriate communication and engagement with stakeholders
  • Developing an understanding of the views of all relevant stakeholders
  • Supporting the Chair in succession planning and the composition of the Board

Candidates should demonstrate the following experience:

  • An understanding or experience of the tourism and hospitality sector
  • Understanding of Guernsey and its sociopolitical environment

Candidates will be expected to have a high level of integrity, proven team building skills, and strong interpersonal and communication abilities. They must be capable of forging excellent relationships with a group of strong individuals, whilst stimulating and encouraging diverse thinking in the team.

Time commitment

The Board will meet in person eight times a year; however, there is the potential for additional ad hoc and/or formal Board meetings from time to time. There will also be regular Board updates and stakeholder engagement via conference call.


The minimum time commitment expected of Board Members is likely to amount to no more than 10 days per year and is rewarded with a fee of £5,000 plus associated expenses. 

Application Process

To apply for a Board Member role on the Tourism Management Board, please send a cover letter and CV to Ms Hannah Beacom, by e-mail to by 9am on Monday 6th February 2023. 

Your covering letter should detail your experience of Guernsey's Tourism sector and the areas which you feel you can represent.

To discuss the role informally, please contact Hannah Beacom by telephone on 01481 720210 (option 1).

PDF Job Description

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