2024 Additional Campaigns

In addition to the main campaign running throughout the year, we develop reactive campaigns in response to various trends such as occupancy data, carrier data, ticket sales, or breaking news or events.

Below are some of the reactive campaigns for the year to date. 


Jersey Campaign - Festivals

To support ticket sales for three local festivals - Guernsey Together, the St James Dance Festival, and La Beltane Folk Festival in Sark - we developed a Meta campaign targeted at Jersey residents, encouraging them to make the short trip to Guernsey by buying festival tickets and looking at associated accommodation packages. 

The campaign was live throughout March before being extended into April, and the creative for the Meta carousel is viewable below. 


April Campaign

To support April bookings we ran a reactive campaign focused on promoting our partner offers, which comprised a targeted carousel of offers on Facebook, and two emailers.

The Facebook advert was served to people who have shown an interest in our awareness advertising, are 35+, and live near UK departure points. The emailers were sent to our consumer database of 60,000. 

Below is a snapshot of the Facebook advert, and links to both emailers, which were sent out on 9th and 23rd March. 

Click here to view the emailer sent 9th March

Click here to view the emailer sent 23rd March



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