2024 Main Campaign

Find your Island feeling


Our creative approach continues to feature real people in real settings. What you see is what you get. We are presenting Guernsey as a place where unique memories can be made, in unique settings and locations. We are using authenticity to make that connection.

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  • Digital and social media - targeted around lifestyle and departure points
  • Print media - in TGI selected data - National press and lifestyle alignment
  • Targeted TV - core segments around departure points
  • Radio - Regional radio, around key departure points
  • Out of Home - Travel hubs and departure points - TGI selected (pictured below)
  • Website - 44% used the VisitGuernsey website to plan their trip (Source: States of Guernsey Visitor Survey, Q1 & Q2 2023)



Downloads - Landscape

The following is our 2024 TV and YouTube advert, aimed at targeting affluent couples.

Visuals - Out of Home - London

Examples of our digital out of home campaign in London.

Visuals - Out of Home - Bristol

Examples of our digital out of home campaign in Bristol.

Visuals - Out of Home - Birmingham

Examples of our digital out of home campaign in Birmingham.


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