Airport Stats

There has been an increase of air passengers compared to last year – May was up 4% compared to May 2023, with an increase overall of 2%, year to date.

The introduction of new routes means we are seeing some changes, particularly London. Gatwick is 8% down YOY, totalling 9,074 – but the new London City route has already seen 9,875 additional passengers, along with Stansted, at 2,415, totalling 12,290.

There is also a shift in passenger traffic from the Midlands, with Birmingham up by 1,656 passengers counterbalancing a drop of 1,143 from East Midlands.

When we look at Harbour stats for the same period, we can see that there is an increase of 2,975 coming from travel within the Channel Islands, offsetting a decrease of 7%, (3,149 passengers), travelling by air, the implication being we are seeing inter island travel - but passengers are choosing to travel by boat rather than air.

To view a comparison of airport statistics for the year to date, against each year back to 2019, click the below link.

Airport Statistics Year to Date Comparison back to 2019


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