Harbour Stats

Overall, we have seen an increase of ferry passengers coming through the harbour. May (excluding inter island and cruise) saw an increase of 14% on May 2023, with an increase of 6%, year to date.

We are seeing a shift in passenger preference, influencing where they are choosing to depart from – Poole has seen a drop, but our UK figure is 6% up YOY because of the significant upturn in passengers opting for other UK ports (an increase of 3,517, YOY, 45%).

Herm has had a difficult start to the year. Sark, Alderney and Jersey are all showing an increase on last year – the Jersey increase for May, compared to last May (38%) is encouraging and hopefully reflects the additional consumer marketing activity.

At the end of April, Condor announced they would be pulling the Cherbourg route from their summer timetable – reflected in these stats. While this presents as a large percentage decrease, when combined with an increase in St Malo traffic we see an overall increase in France traffic of 3%, YOY, translating to 660 passengers.

Cruise continues to provide the biggest challenges, with the following stats showing the difference in May comparisons:

  • Cruise calls 2023 May – 20 scheduled, 6 cancelled = 14 arrived, capacity on board 17,934
  • Cruise calls 2024 May – 16 scheduled, 4 cancelled = 12 arrived, capacity on board 4,977

Princess called four times in May last year. Regal Princess on 2nd May with 3,362 capacity on board, Sky Princess on 7th May with 3,583 capacity on board, Regal Princess on 10th May with 3,124 on board and Regal Princess on 22nd May with 3,495 capacity on board.

At the end of 2023, Princess and MSC made a business decision to not call into Guernsey in 2024. The cruise development teams, along with the newly formed Cruise Steering Group, continue to engage with both companies to work with them on re-introducing Guernsey as a port to future itineraries.

For a comprehensive breakdown of Harbour stats for the year to date, click the link below.

Harbour Stats & Summary Table - May 2024


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