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The Committee for Home Affairs – Population Management

The Committee for Home Affairs recognises that in light of the current travel restrictions which may be in place for a number of months, and the impact on the local economy, there is a need to make some proactive adjustments to the Population Management regime.

23 March 2020

In the difficult times ahead some businesses will be struggling to keep all of their staff working full time; whilst other individuals may be able to usefully support the community in other areas. In addition there will be some who may unavoidably be made unemployed and in such circumstances would ordinarily have to leave the Island.

The Committee has requested that the Civil Contingencies Authority arrange for the drafting and approval of regulations which will enable individuals holding an employment permit to continue to lawfully remain in Guernsey. It is anticipated that these provisions will be in place before the end of this week (27 March).

The President of the Committee for Home Affairs, Deputy Mary Lowe said:

“We have a working population, many with permits, that are being affected and hit hard by the results of Covid-19 shutting businesses temporarily for unknown periods. Home Affairs will be working with the Civil Contingencies Authority this week to address a number of changes to the Population Management regime which will allow for maximum flexibility so that everyone can do the jobs that need to be done at this difficult time regardless of their employment status.”

The Committee will publish further guidance for employees who hold work permits once its proposal has been considered by the Civil Contingencies Authority. If individuals have an employment permit and there has already been a change in their working arrangements they are asked to email with their change of circumstances.

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