Reactive Campaigns

Reactive travel disruption campaign

With increased numbers travelling though airports once again, the National headlines were all saying the same thing – cancelled flights, long queues, delays in re-booking, huge unplanned for additional costs.

Combined with rises in the cost of living and petrol, making even staycations seem like a distant memory, there was an opportunity to put ourselves on the radar or people who hadn’t considered a holiday in Guernsey before.

We worked with Aurigny on the quick dual-branded campaign to highlight all that we had to offer, with just a short flight, with a clear book your flight now call to action.

See the campaign asset here

With the following copy:

Are you struggling to find a stress-free summer break?

Despite the ongoing situation at UK airports causing some inevitable delays, our local airline is still successfully transporting many visitors to and from our Islands for a well- deserved break in the sun. ☀ In just one short flight, you could be on our beaches, swimming in the sea and exploring our five Islands:

The campaign went live on Friday 10 June. By mid-week, the following week, related searches for Guernsey were up more than 1000%, with those searching for more information on Guernsey entry requirements up by over 250%.