2024 Strategy

Overarching strategy

We will continue to adapt to an ever-shifting landscape when it comes to the visitor market. As such, we continue to change and evolve our marketing strategy.

The Islands of Guernsey offers a simpler holiday experience that consumers are looking for, with a pattern of short bookings remaining strong – 59% booked their trip within three months of travel.

When it comes to marketing the Islands, our starting point will always be our air and sea links. The UK remains our primary market, with France and Jersey establishing themselves as secondary markets.

Our communications strategy is simple:

  • Broaden our appeal for now and the future – with three core audiences, along with niche target markets

  • To be true to the Guernsey way of life - we communicate what we do well with a focus on outdoor activities and lifestyle

  • A more agile approach that works alongside consumer wants and needs

Our creative approach continues to feature real people in real settings. What you see is what you get. We are presenting Guernsey as a place where unique memories can be made, in unique settings and locations. We are using authenticity to make that connection.

VisitBritain data tells us that the majority of trips are being taken by couples, and then families / multi-generational groups who are looking to spend quality time together. Our own data is telling us, in the first part of 2023, 51% of those travelling to Guernsey were travelling as a couple, while 18% travelled alone and 21% in a family group.

A recent survey of 2,000 UK adults placed walking in the countryside, boat trips, visiting historic buildings amongst their top 5 things to do on holiday. A recent report by McKinsey found that four in five consumers believe wellness is important and 42% consider it a top priority – all of which we can offer. Exit survey data tells us most are visiting the Islands for the natural beauty and beaches, closely followed by our heritage and history.

Our media strategy helps consumers re-evaluate what they know about the Islands of Guernsey with more standout media placement. We reach our audience in a number of ways including digital, social and print media, targeted TV, radio, out of home (digital and print). We know the VisitGuernsey website remains a useful tool for those thinking about visiting the islands - 44% used the VisitGuernsey website to plan their trip (Source: States of Guernsey Visitor Survey, Q1 – Q3, 2023).

We will build on regional activity by working with carriers on new routes (including the launch of the new Paris air route beginning in March 2024) as well as existing routes where they have capacity and potential for growth.

We are playing to our strengths.  We are:

  • quick and easy to get to

  • safe and familiar

  • unexpected

  • a brilliant outdoor experience that delivers on outdoor wellness needs: walks and beaches to surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, cycling, sailing and more

  • a destination offering quality hospitality, with a concentration of quality restaurants, bars, beach cafes and visitor experiences

  • offering an ever-broadening choice of hotels and accommodation options

  • a unique heritage destination with a story to tell, and thousands of years of history to explore

  • more than one island, we are an archipelago offering five unique islands to explore

Who is our audience?

Focusing on a more affluent audience, mainly 35 - 65+ couples. An audience that are less price conscious in a cost of living crisis.

Baby boomers

Our heartland visitor. Affluent and older, many are regular visitors to the Islands and they hold a special place in their hearts. They are looking for a safe and familiar environment that is close to home.
Interests: Food & Drink, Natural Beauty (Cliffs, Walking), Heritage.

Multi-generation & families

Families looking to reconnect. This group will be motivated by a broad variety of accommodation options in a safe environment with a host of family & friends activities catering for all ages.
Interests: Food & Drink, Beaches, Island Hopping

Millennials with no children

A new younger audience - looking for experiences together. Looking for escapism and Instagram moments.
Interests: Food & Drink, Activities, Beaches, Island Hopping, Wellness

Read more in detail in the 2024 VG Marketing Strategy Presentation


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