Regulation of Visitor Accommodation Premises

All Visitor Accommodation in Guernsey is regulated by The Tourist Law (1948-1998) as amended

Accommodation providers must obtain an annual permit from the Committee for Economic Development Department, prior to accommodating guests.

An application Fee is payable.

Permits granted are valid up to a maximum period of one year, between the 1st of April in any year and the 31st March of the year following the date of issue.

When applying for a permit the applicant commits to complying with the relevant quality standards and statutory obligations imposed by the States of Guernsey.  When a permit is granted, the permit holder assumes legal responsibility for these obligations, and takes on a duty of care to the guests in their charge.

There are two categories of annual permit available:

A permit for designated visitor accommodation premises operating throughout the period of validity of the permit (the current season).

A short-term permit for the temporary provision of visitor accommodation in other premises, including private dwellings, where the maximum period of use is restricted by the Planning use classification of the premises. 

Permits must be displayed in public view at the premises in respect of which they are granted.

More information about each category, and how to obtain a permit, can be accessed below.


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