Our strategy

2022 presents us with a unique opportunity. With holidaymakers seeking destinations closer to home, we can position ourselves as the domestic alternative.

Our communications strategy is simple:

  • Broaden our appeal for now and the future – with three core audiences, along with new niche target markets
  • To be true to the Guernsey way of life - rather than under deliver on experience, we communicate what we do well with a focus on outdoor activities and lifestyle
  • A more agile approach that works alongside consumer wants and needs

We are playing to our strengths - an alternative and boutique destination that:

  • Is easy and quick to get to
  • Offers much needed respite and reconnection (wellness)
  • Is safe and familiar
  • Offers a brilliant outdoor experience that delivers on outdoor wellness needs: walks and beaches to surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, cycling, sailing and more
  • Has a quality hospitality offering with a concentration of high calibre restaurants, bars, beach cafes and visitor experiences
  • Offers a broad choice of hotels and accommodation options
  • Steeped in 1000s of years of history and heritage
  • Neighbouring Alderney, Sark, Herm and Lihou inspire your inner adventurer

Who is our audience?

We have three key audiences we are targeting, along with an emerging opportunity to introduce the Islands of Guernsey to smaller, more niche audiences.

Couples 57+

Our heartland visitor. Affluent and older, many are regular visitors to the Islands and they hold a special place in their hearts. They are looking for a safe and familiar environment that is close to home.

Multi-generational families

Families looking to reconnect. This group will be motivated by a broad variety of accommodation options in a safe environment with a host of family & friends activities catering for all ages.

Couples and families 35+

A new younger audience - looking to be active and have fun. They are motivated by a destination that can meet their immediate current needs - close to home, fun, short-break escapism.


The Islands of Guernsey offers a simpler holiday experience that consumers are now looking for, with a pattern of short bookings remaining strong.

84% of surveyed UK holidaymakers, cited that flexible cancellation, rebooking, or refund policies are more important now than pre-pandemic.

Proximity and flexibility is key.

We also know that we have what people are looking for.

A recent survey of 2,000 UK adults placed walking in the countryside, boat trips, visiting historic buildings amongst their top 5 things to do on holiday.

We can and will continue to play on this need, for a simpler holiday experience, one that Guernsey can credibly deliver on.

A recent report by McKinsey found that four in five consumers believe wellness is important and 42% consider it a top priority.

We have a more data-driven approach, to deliver a strategy that delivers, and can be measured, for industry.

Read the full 2022 marketing strategy below.


Download the 2022 VisitGuernsey Marketing Strategy Presentation, Niche Audience Research, and Tourism Taskforce Updates and Media Plan below.